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Carlisle 2021: May 14-16th, Carlisle, PA

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2021 10:35 pm
by AudiSport4000
This will be our 18th year meeting as The Audi Club at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Bring your Audi! All years and all models are part of our lineup every year.

If you are new and want to see information, photos, and videos of years past just search "Carlisle" here on Quattroworld, Motorgeek, Project Pad, and even YouTube!

What can you expect? A very relaxed environment full of amazing cars, great enthusiasts, and never ending conversations about everything that encompasses the cars we love.

A lot of individuals show up Friday, enjoy dinner at Market Cross Pub at 6pm, then either camp on site or book a hotel close to the fairgrounds. Saturday brings the main day at the event. Come and park your car in our Audi row, which is front and center at gate 3 of the fairgrounds. Enjoy a carefree day with like-minded individuals talking about cars and observing all sorts of other makes and models that cover the showfield.

How to register!

Navigate to the link below and select 2021 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals NON-JUDGED Showfield. You can then select a camping site, add your vehicle information, and select what club you are with (The Audi Club). ... asp?Cat=23
To save 10% and have your entry window sticker mailed to you, please pre-register prior to April 12th, 2021 at midnight EST.

I'm waiting on a response from George regarding the breakfast at Mechanicsburg Audi. More to come!

Tshirt design by Scott is in the works. More details to come!

Please email me once you register. Include your name, model and year of Audi, and if joining us for dinner on Friday how many are in your party!

We now have a Facebook group! Please join for up to date information on the event. Great place to drum up conversation, ask for parts (great time to meet/save on shipping for larger items), etc.

Re: Carlisle 2021: May 14-16th, Carlisle, PA

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 7:43 am
by AudiSport4000
Tough to believe we are only a few weeks away! Got a handful of announcements.
TSHIRTS!!!! Designed by Scott.
, who is gracious enough to take his time in making and hosting these. These are shipped directly to the address you provide, so order asap. Lead time is 3-8 days, so I'm hoping everyone who orders will get them prior to the show.

MARKET CROSS! If you emailed or messaged me, you are good. If you still want a spot for dinner Friday evening let me know. As of now we have 23 spots left. Next Friday I'll look at how many spots we have left and might cut down our reservation number, so let me know if you want in on dinner
BREAKFAST SATURDAY MORNING! Unfortunately this will not happen again this year, mainly due to the state of the pandemic. I want to thank George Achorn
for his continued ownership of this. Him along with ACNA are extremely gracious to set this up for us. Hopefully we can get back to this in 2022 as there is a new dealership to check out
LANYARDS and NAME TAGS! These are back! For many years we had these available so people could easily identify who is who. We will have lanyards, markers, credential holders with name tags available under the main tent.
Lastly, William Foster
is doing an amazing job with some ideas to liven the event up. Gotta give him a lot of credit for this. If you have any questions up to and at the event both of us will be around.